Our mission, vision and values



We are a business group made up of Melyak International, Melyakargo and Melyak International Services , which provides quality and security in the exercise of integral logistics operations of foreign trade nationally and internationally; seeking the satisfaction of our clients through our corporate values and human talent, generating optimal levels of profitability and sustainable growth.
Our project for 2023 is to be nationally recognized as INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS OPERATOR focused on the satisfaction of our customers, complying with safety and quality standards in the provision of our services.




1. Respect
Consideration and deference before the opinion of others.
2. Integrity
Quality of rectitude and probity.
3. Proactivity
Attitude that actively takes control and decides what to do in each moment, anticipating events.
4. Teamwork
Integrated effort to carry out a project, through internal and external communication, support and companionship.
5. Responsibility
Compliance with obligations, with quality, discipline, punctuality and control of the quality of information.    
6. Integral service
Complete service delivery and fulfillment, with agility in processes, commitment, ethics, clarity in information, without generating extra costs.
7. Good attitude
Management of tolerance, proper handling of nonverbal language (gesticulation) and psychological disposition to internal and external clients.

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