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We guarantee the good management of your investment

Our warehouses offer a modern technological and operational infrastructure for the correct storage and handling of your merchandise.

Storage of goods
  • Warehouse in the Free Zone in Bogotá.

  • Deposit in Cartagena

  • Nationalized Goods Warehouse in Bogotá.

  • The best physical and technical security systems.

  • Equipment for the proper handling of cargo, forklifts and stevedores.

  • We serve commercial and institutional users.

  • Inventory management and control.

  • Packing, repacking and strapping.

  • Customs Transit.

  • Cargo handling and inspection.

  • Containerization, marking, packing, re-packing, and cargo stowage.

  • Delivery of goods in extended hours at the express request of the client.

  • Policies against all risks.

Our services

Looking for the perfect place to store your merchandise?

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